Integrated, Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns & Strategy

Expertly orchestrated multi-channel campaigns, powered by a cohesive strategy, and executed by an award-winning design agency.

A brand’s promotional presence is like an orchestra.

Akin to instruments, each marketing channel needs to be totally balanced with the next, chiming in at the right time, in the right place, and in total harmony.

Yet some brands approach each aspect of their marketing mix in a vacuum – and act surprised when these disjointed solo performances fail to bring in the crowds.

To win at marketing across different channels, you need a strategic marketing partner, an orchestra conductor of sorts, to ensure that your promotional messaging, visuals, and goals are all singing from the same strategic song sheet. You need OLCO Design.

We are an award-winning design and marketing agency who specialise in orchestrating melodious multi-channel marketing campaigns, all of which orbit a coordinated, cross-platform strategy.

Achieve Strategic Multi-Channel Marketing Harmony with OLCO Design

Our team work closely with you to coordinate campaigns across a multitude of marketing touchpoints:

Cohesive, Cross-Channel Strategy

This is where it all begins. Informed by your marketing goals and touchpoints, we’ll formulate a joined-up marketing and analytics strategy.

Digital Assets & Landing Pages

Boost online awareness with slick websites, social media assets and digital collateral developed with multi-channel consistency in mind.

Graphic Design & Photography

Maintain peak standards of brand recognition across all media with coordinated visual communications and art-directed imagery.

Print, Publishing & Editorial Ads

Get your brand in front of an avid magazine or newspaper’s readership with integrated, strategy-led editorial campaigns.

Flyers, Leaflets & Booklets

Hand out high quality collateral that exudes your core brand strategy, keeping brand presence high in your prospects’ minds.

Posters, Signage, Vehicle Livery & Billboards

Amplify your coordinated message with expertly designed large-scale advertising.

Social Media, Search Marketing & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Maintain visibility with a cohesive social media, SEO, and pay-per-click presence that cements your message.

And More!

Content marketing, online display ads, remarketing strategy, brand development… the list goes on!

What’s more, OLCO Design have a proven track record of promotional success; just ask any of our satisfied clients.

Integrated Marketing: Why Partner with OLCO Design?

Take Your Promotions from Sporadic to Strategic

Disjointed marketing can actually do a brand more harm than good. We will keep all touchpoints anchored to a single, data-driven, multi-channel marketing strategy based around your specific brief and business aims.

Be Visible Wherever Your Audience Are, Again and Again

In our media-rich world, being present on just one marketing channel simply won’t help your brand rise above the noise. Repeated, consistent messaging across multiple platforms is needed to cement brand awareness, encourage familiarity, and inspire action. We’ll make you a cohesive, universal presence across your audience’s preferred media.

A Consistent Message is a Memorable, Trustworthy Message

Consistency is integral to trust, and repetition is integral to memorability. Rather than approaching each deliverable separately, we will keep your message consistent across all touchpoints, reinforcing brand recognition and trust.

Creatively Turning Strategy into Reality

Good strategy is important, but good execution is vital. Our creative design and communication experts will bring your strategy and campaigns to life with seamless cohesion between touchpoints.


A Single Creative Point of Contact

Multi-channel success doesn’t just hinge on well-coordinated collateral – campaign execution and timing needs to be spot on too. OLCO Design centrally and efficiently manage all elements of your cross-channel campaigns.

Keep Your Omni-Channel Campaigns Perfect, Year-Round

Whether you are after a “one shot” multi-channel campaign to advertise an event or a launch, or you need a long-term partner to support your integrated campaigns year-in, year-out, then OLCO Design can deliver.

Keep Your Audience on the Hook – Wherever They Look

Brands need to appear wherever their audience are looking. But in our busy, hyper-connected world, they could be looking anywhere. So take your first step towards multi-channel harmony today.

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