Graphic Design Retainers

Quality Graphics on Speed-Dial: Reliable Design without Waiting in Line

Sometimes in business, you need graphic design done yesterday. However, time isn’t the only enemy; assets need to be designed to an impeccable standard so you stand out in your market while staying totally on-brand. For that, you need a reliable graphic design agency on speed-dial.

But when you rely on ad hoc projects with agencies or freelancers, you have to fit around their other clients and business commitments. This isn’t ideal when you have your own deadlines and pressures to contend with. As a professional, you need more reliability from design.

For quick design turnaround and guaranteed availability from experienced, knowledgeable creatives, who know how to keep your competitors looking over their shoulder, look no further than a graphic design retainer from OLCO Design.

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Graphic Design Retainers: Great Design Every Month, Guaranteed

Whether it’s a once in a career sales pitch deck that hits it out of the park; regular marketing collateral that captivates your audience; or simple, day-to-day design basics. Our skilled team are here to provide.

Our dedicated graphic design team are committed to boosting your brand’s exposure and recognisability through consistent, eye-catching visuals. We’ll understand your business and your brand inside and out, becoming a seamless extension of your team and giving you an undeniable competitive edge.

For an agreed, budgetable, monthly fee, you’ll receive a guaranteed priority service: a set number of hours’ access to our expert, varied design talent every single month, come rain or shine.

No waiting in line, no pay-as-you-go, just an ongoing creative relationship that you can depend on. And what’s more, our retainer clients unlock our most competitive rates too.

What Design Services are Included?

Put simply, if it’s a piece of graphic design collateral, it’s accessible through a retainer. This can include any of the following within a range of complex and diverse workflows:…


Business Cards, Stationery, Leaflets, Catalogues, Brochures, Editorial Design, Posters, Advertisements


Website Design, Social Media Collateral, Content Marketing Assets, Digital Ads, Ebooks, Infographics, UI/UX


Logo Design, Iconography, Typography, Illustration, Brand Collateral

Corporate Communications

Monthly/Annual Reports, Proposal Templates, Slide Deck Design,, Data Visualisation


Signage, Wayfinding, Exhibition Displays, POS/Retail Displays, Packaging, Vehicle Livery

Graphic Design: Done For You

Sourcing graphic design from ad hoc designers, or even from in-house non-designers, can lead to a lot of push and pull, to-ing and fro-ing; queries, confirmations, and requests can stack up and take time out of your day.

However, OLCO Design’s dedicated design team aim to keep design a stress-free, hands-off experience for all concerned. You won’t be troubled by the design drudgery of lengthy meetings, your team won’t feel like they’ll have to learn design alongside their role, and management can rely on a polished result every time. So you’ll be left with a happy team, happy management, and happy stakeholders.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our design team are expert brand, design, and marketing strategists who will provide meaningful input into every campaign or piece of collateral, no matter how small. They don’t <em>just</em> have a version of InDesign and a can-do attitude – they have years of varied industry experience that you’ll get access to in a pinch. (The can-do attitude, the industry experience, and the tools of the trade are all included in the contract price!)

What About Non-Design Services?

All of your design needs will be covered by a retainer agreement, but we do provide a whole host of other services for an extra cost, including PPC management, web development, print services, analytics, hosting, or cloud services. Just approach us at any time during your retainer to discuss any non-design needs.

Retainers: The KPI-Friendly Route to Stellar Design

Because we reserve your design time for you for a set investment every single month, that means no missed deadlines, no budget overspend, and (thanks to our skilled designers) no branding missteps or sloppy rush-jobs.

Additionally, a longer term, non ad hoc relationship enables you to test and measure your design effectiveness over time. The more campaigns we work on and measure together, the closer we’ll get to your own, personal marketing “lightning in a bottle”. It’s that magic that will really keep your competitors awake at night.

The guaranteed availability of skilled designers in your corner also enables you to approach design more strategically, planning out precise design deliverables over the year or quarter whilst also achieving a steady throughput of fresh visuals short-term. Even short-notice, graphics can be turned around quickly with all the flair and polish you would expect from a high-end agency.

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Why Choose a Graphic Design Retainer with OLCO Design?

VIP Service

The best design, the shortest lead times. Receive a reliable design service with quick turnarounds and guaranteed availability from an award-winning design team.

Understanding Your Brand

We’ll get to know your business and brand closely and become an expert extension to your in-house team.

All-in-One Marketing Package

Retainers cover all aspects of graphic design that you’re ever likely to need with availability at the drop of a hat.

Consistent, Captivating Collateral

Supercharge your brand exposure and recognisability with on-brand, compelling design deliverables.

Varied Design Expertise on Tap

Get priority access to all of our designers’ fresh ideas and graphical wisdom across diverse workflows and design deliverables.

Unlock Our Lowest Rates

Pay highly competitive, easily budgetable rates with prices frozen on long-term contracts. This straightforward billing makes budgeting and ROI calculations easy.

Multi-Award-Winning Designers

Get access to an acclaimed design team devoted to giving you a competitive edge.

Tailored Agreement

Totally bespoke retainer developed around your needs, deliverables, and budget.

Long-Term, Strategic Relationship

Working together long-term means that we can test, measure, and hone your design, perfecting your marketing approach over time.

Reduced Workload

Your team will no longer have to struggle to fit design work into their busy schedules.

Explore the benefits of a graphic design retainer in detail with our blog post “7 Solid Benefits of Working With a Design Agency on Retainer.”

The Benefits of Graphic Design Retainers over Insourcing or Freelancers

Multiple Heads, Not Just One

A retainer with a studio (like OLCO Design) gives you access to a whole team of talented, accomplished designers with a raft of varied experience, not just one individual’s opinion and expertise.

No HR Headaches

All the visual consistency of an in-house designer without the expense of recruitment, payroll, contracts, and absences.

Scalable, Resilient Design “Department”

Need more design capacity? Not a problem. Outsourced design agency retainers are easily scalable with your needs.

Comparable to Freelancer Rates

Because we can offer our most favourable rates to repeat, retainer clients, retainer fees often work out fairly comparable to freelancer rates.

Make Our Team a Part of Yours

OLCO Design is made up of talented designers with a wide variety of marketing experience and talent. Retainer work is spread evenly across seniority so you gain the benefit of both our senior and middleweight designers for a simple, flat fee.

Retainers are also perfect for businesses with in-house marketing teams. We can take time-consuming design tasks off your marketers’ hands so they are free to conjure up fresh, inventive ideas that will catapult your brand into the future.

If you’re looking for a design agency to supplement your in-house marketing talent, check out our guide “Choosing a Design Agency: 6 Things Marketing Teams Need to Think About.”

A Truly Personal Service

When you work with OLCO Design, you’ll never be “just another account number.” We’re a small agency and providing a genuine, personal service means everything to us. Our designers will work closely with you, one-on-one, to achieve your design goals.

We don’t provide the stereotypical “three tiers of support” for you to choose from because we don’t believe in telling you what you need. So, let’s talk.

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