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Maximise Your Inbound Marketing Efforts with Expertly Designed Visual Content

Draw new, warm leads to you and create a lasting impression with impeccable content marketing design.

Content marketing and lead generation is now established as fundamental inbound marketing practice. But with most businesses now offering their own “lead magnets” in exchange for contact information, your own assets need to be designed to rise to the challenge, ooze brand appeal, and sail above the competition.

When a prospect accesses a lead magnet, that relationship is only just beginning. Gated content isn’t just there to pique interest – a well-designed, info-packed lead magnet can be the key to turning “one-off” interest into a long-lasting brand relationship.

So don’t let design be an afterthought. You bring the data, we’ll bring the design. We are skilled visual storytellers, weaving graphical narratives into even the driest and most complex of topics. We’ll turn your copy and data into an engaging content marketing asset that will draw your audience closer towards a sale.

Amplify Your Lead Generation with Expertly Designed Content Marketing Assets

Design brings much-needed interest to plain text and information. We can transform your content into valuable digital assets which draw new leads to you and cement your brand presence in their minds.

E-book Design

Share your expert knowledge in a long-form, copy-led “long read”; great for in-depth thought leadership pieces and explanatory how-to guides! Ensure that your e-book’s presentation lives up the wisdom contained within its pages with intuitive flow, well-matched illustrations, and on-point photography that puts your organisation’s best foot forward.

White Paper Design

Elaborate on a complex, relevant issue or discuss desirable, singular industry data – putting your brand in focus as a source of reliable information. Well-visualised data can really drive a point home and can even get skim-readers to sit up and take notice! When good data is presented perfectly, you become a formidable source of clear, digestible information, building valuable authority in your niche.

Infographic Design

Turn dry topics into true digital storytelling! A core pillar of content marketing, infographics are engaging, shareable illustrations of useful data, insights, and advice. Infographics often aren’t gated, so an infographic may be the first brush that an ideal customer ever has with your brand. Make it count with superbly on-brand design, skilled visual storytelling, and effective data communication.

The Importance of Impeccable Visual Content Design

Brand Consistency is Everything

Without seamlessly consistent design, all brand recognition can be lost in an instant. Our brand-focused designs will leave no doubt in your readers’ minds as to where your marketing asset originated from.

Bringing Plain Text and Data to Life

Even with the most fascinating and inspiring data, presentation is still of utmost importance. Providing a meaningful visual narrative is part of the value your document provides as it cements understanding and boosts engagement.

Poor Gated Content Design = Disappointed Leads

Poor design and visual flow can send a lead magnet hurtling towards the Recycle Bin before it even gets looked at! Badly developed gated content is a surefire way to get your relationship with new leads off on the wrong foot. They shared their details expecting flawless quality in every way, so don’t let them down!

Design is the First Thing a Reader Sees

Readers form an opinion about digital assets in mere milliseconds. This means that design has to do all of the heavy lifting to keep readers engaged enough to read on.

Design Adds Much Needed Personality

Sometimes, design doesn’t just have to communicate the facts – it can imbue a piece of content with a distinctive personality too. The right illustrations and graphical elements can totally transform the spirit of a document.

Visual Content Design: Our Proven Process for Results

  1. Establish Your Strategy, Brief & Copy: We’ll get to know your content strategy and plans; digest your brand guidelines; and explore your project brief, all bringing us totally up to speed with you, your audiences and your needs.
  2. Collate Your Content: Then, we’ll get to work making sense of the specific content you need to share – even if it’s hidden in monolithic documents or lots of scrappy, smaller notes.
  3. Fast, Flexible, Fuss-Free Transformation: Now we’ll work our magic! Your asset will be developed to our enviable standards and within surprisingly efficient turnaround times.

OLCO Design: Why Rely on Us For Content Marketing Design?

Multi-Award-Winning Design Team

Organisations of all kinds – from FTSE 100 companies to small nonprofits – depend on our talented team to illustrate the stories hiding in their data with creative flourish.

Turning Raw Data into Visual Stories

Whether it means trawling through spreadsheets or pulling data together from multiple documents, we’re experienced in collating data of all kinds and visualising it as a cohesive, visually appealing whole. What’s more, we can project manage asset creation from start to finish, including copywriting and project management.

Crystal Clear Data Visualisation

Information needs to be structured properly for maximum comprehension and impact. Our designers are highly skilled visual communicators who will craft intuitive data visualisations to accompany your copy.

Your Corporate Story: As Told By You

Our seasoned design team effectively become an extension of your comms and marketing teams, telling your brand story with the same fluency and character as your internal personnel.

Unparalleled Personal Service

Your organisation is never just an account number with OLCO Design. We take an individual approach to each client, uniquely informed by your brand, your preferences, and your ways of working.

Let Us Tell Your Story With Data, Content & Design

Build your brand awareness today with expertly designed and technically optimised visual assets. From highly technical whitepapers; to informative e-books; to expressive infographics, we’ll make your content needs a reality.

Get the design right and your audience will hang on your every word. So ensure your content marketing assets are the best they can be with help from OLCO Design. Get your prospects asking for more and blow your competition out of the water with our exemplary design services. Ready to get started? Book a free discovery call with us today!

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