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Invigorate Your Data with Creative Report & Presentation Design

Your stakeholders need to know your latest, accurate facts and figures. So why do so many annual reports and business-critical presentation decks seem so determined to send readers to sleep?

Engaging visuals and vibrant text can turn even the driest data into a compelling experience. The secret is to dig deep to find the underlying story behind the spreadsheets.

OLCO Design are an award-winning marketing and visual communications design agency. We make it our goal to unearth your data stories and to weave them into informative, transparent reports and presentation decks that engage your stakeholders and inspire your team.

Our adept report and presentation design team create data-driven assets that accurately convey your organisation’s data, direction, and achievements in a way that’s captivating and inspiring. From straightforward financial reports and forecasting; to softer, more human topics like corporate social responsibility and charity trustee reports, our creative designers will bring your data to life.

Our Report & Presentation Design Services

Report Design

Annual Reports, CSR/Sustainability Reports, Project Reports, Business Plans, Client Performance Reports, Financial Reports, Trustee Reports, Whitepapers, Impact Reports, Interactive Online Reports, Investment Reports

Presentation Design

Pitch Decks, Annual Report Presentations, Sales Presentations, Internal Training Presentations, Keynote Presentations, Analytical Presentations (Available in PowerPoint, PDF, or Online Formats – Static or Animated)

Corporate Communications

Fee Proposals, Tender Documentation, Report Templates, Brochures, Marketing Collateral, Newsletters

Visual Assets

Charts, Infographics, Data Visualisation, Diagrams, Stationery, Templates, Signage, Brand Development

Stress-Free Report Design That’s On Brand and On Time

Though we’re design experts, we know that putting a report together isn’t just about slick visuals. It’s about conveying the right data, in the right way, at the right time – without the stress of missed deadlines or a never-ending briefing process.

OLCO Design are here to lighten your load, not add to it. We won’t take up your time with endless questions about your brand or your data. We won’t expect you to hand us everything on a plate either; far from it – we love a bit of number-crunching! Just hand us all of the information you need including – no matter how disparate or scrappy – and our report designers will make it gleam.

We’re adept at navigating brand guideline documents too, so you can guarantee your report or presentation will be perfectly on-brand. Any data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and technical security too.

Whether you need us to produce a document from scratch or simply tidy up an existing asset, we have the talent and knowhow to deliver with true professional finesse.

What’s Included?

Our presentation and report design services include a raft of internal and external creative talent, including graphic designers, data visualisation experts, copywriters, photographers, and digital UX designers.

Why Choose OLCO Design?

Multi-Award-Winning Design Team

Numerous companies and nonprofits rely on our esteemed and professionally recognised team to uncover their story and tell it with creative flourish.

Experienced Visual Communicators

The OLCO Design Team are well-versed in structuring information for best possible impact and the highest possible comprehension.

All Report Collateral Taken Care Of

Our tight-knit network of creatives will handle all aspects of your report or presentation including visuals, text, and publishing.

Actionable, Attractive, and Inspiring Assets

Our reports and presentations inspire direction and encourage action – rather than languishing in a drawer or on a pen drive somewhere!

Storytelling From Raw Data

Whether it means trawling through sprawling spreadsheets or messy jottings, we’ll bend over backwards to bring it all together as a cohesive whole.

Your Story: As Told By You

Our designers effectively become an extension of your internal comms teams, telling your story with your own characteristic brand flair.

Reliable Service Above All Else

As a small and nimble agency, our reputation is what helps us sink or swim. You can depend on us to provide – on brand, on spec, and on time – every time.

Does Your Brand Need a Fresh Lick of Paint?

Want to unveil a fresh new brand look with your next annual report? We also provide a number of brand design and marketing services, including:

Got Report Design on Your Mind?

OLCO Design have proudly produced reports, presentations, and data assets for organisations of all kinds, from national corporates to local charities and nonprofits.

So if the clock’s ticking towards annual report season, or you’ve got a lot riding on a highly visible upcoming presentation, get in touch.

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