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In marketing, the best decisions are backed up with solid data. Tracking just how prospects are interacting with your online landscape provides solid insights for growth and goal setting; putting you on the right track towards a robust, well-informed digital marketing strategy.

But sometimes translating reams of analytical data into actionable improvements can be a real challenge. OLCO Design are here to help.

We are a data-driven design agency who know that the best strategic decisions are backed up with accurate, up-to-the-minute information. Our experts provide reliable digital analytics of all kinds, including website traffic analytics, organic search rankings, pay-per-click campaign performance, website user experience (UX), conversion rate optimisation, and much more.

We take time to understand each client’s individual objectives, helping you set meaningful goals and pairing them with the right metrics to follow. Our transparent data visualisations and strategic recommendations will help enable you to grow and succeed. Just think of us as an extension of your in-house team!

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Digital Analytics Services Helping you Track, Grow, and Thrive

OLCO Design can help you establish, track, and analyse your digital goals, including:

Website Performance & Activity

Wondering how your website is being used? We use industry-leading tools to provide clear, practical, insight into your site’s traffic and usage.

Search Engine Optimisation & Rankings Report

We provide thorough reports that highlight keyword performance and make search optimisation suggestions.

Social Media Performance

Find out what’s working and what isn’t across all of your social channels with our social media reporting and guidance.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Tracking

Whether your ads are through social or search, we’ll help you track conversions, ROI, and overall performance to help you make the right strategic decisions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Make your website a conversion machine! We’ll take a bird’s-eye view of your website’s analytics and user experience to revitalise sales and micro-conversions.

E-commerce Performance Tracking

Using your online sales goals and KPIs as a springboard, our team will provide actionable, data-driven advice to invigorate sales and boost your revenue.

Inbound Lead Analysis

With the right tools, we’ll help you track which digital marketing activities led to which incoming queries and can even calculate your cost per enquiry or per conversion.

Affordable Ongoing Analytics Support

Reviewing your digital analytics is important, but it’s all too easy to get sidetracked with fine details – or even push it to the bottom of your “to do” list entirely! If analytics always feels like an afterthought, consider our affordable Monthly Website Analytics Overview.

From just £49 (exc. VAT) per month, we’ll collate all of your website’s analytical data into an easy to digest, monthly bulletin. This is a top level, jargon-free view of your site’s performance – we distil the data into a crystal clear picture so you can easily compare site usage against relevant goals and benchmarks. We even include strategic advice along the way too!

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