Social Media Management

Why Social Media Management? Social Media Management services are designed to help you manage  your outbound and inbound online interactions. These services perfectly align themselves with your other small business marketing activities.


Social Media allows your company to reach new audiences, engage with them and ultimately convert these new audiences into paying customers. At OLCO Design we offer a highly personalised service allowing us to successfully manage your campaigns with confidence. We develop engaging social content that encourages your target audience to interact with you.

Social Media Management

We will create a social media strategy that aligns with your inbound marketing using a combination of paid and organic promotion of your social media networks. As part of this service we develop curated content which achieves effective measurable results optimised to maximise ROI.

Content Marketing

Your social media networks are only as successful as the content that is shared. Our social media department works closely with our creative team to develop great SEO optimised content to publish across your networks. This content encourages engagement and leads to more prosperous marketing campaigns that meets your objectives.

Content Driven Social Media

A hybrid approach to your Social Media Management and Content Marketing blends the benefits together to form a harmonious solution that maximises the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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From £129 per month. Short term contract. No upfront cost.

Inbound Marketing

Social Media is the perfect solution for maximising your inbound marketing success. Inbound Marketing is an approach where customers find you, as apposed to you approaching them. Inbound Marketing starts with your digital marketing strategy and the combination of web design, social media management and a great content strategy.  Sharing is caring and inbound marketing is about connecting with new audiences and reaching new markets. By creating content optimised for your target audiences, inbound marketing attracts qualified prospects to your business and keeps them coming back for more.

Why OLCO Design?

We have developed a reputation for providing high quality graphic design and web design services. We have highlighted Social Media as a highly valuable marketing tool for SMEs and startups and launched our dedicated department in 2016. Our dedicated Social Media Department offer specialist inbound marketing services to SMEs across the UK. Our Social Media Department is centrally based at our offices in the heart of the Midlands.


Our design team work in close collaboration with the Social Media team to develop engaging campaigns and great sharable content. Many agencies offer Social Media Management; but we offer a dedicated, in-house Social Media expert to assist you with your requirements in a highly personal manner tailored to your individual needs.

Priced from £129 per month.

We offer affordable social media management plans on short-term, flexible agreements.

What is Social Media Management?

Learn more on our recent blog post by Alex, our Social Media Expert.

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