How and Why to Use Your Email Signatures for Marketing

Every business that uses email has access to a unique, low-to-no cost marketing channel where reader attention is at an all-time high. This channel is also remarkably underused. It won’t clash with your other marketing efforts either – in fact it’s more likely to enhance them!

This oft overlooked marketing channel is your own email signature. Think about it: how many emails do your team send in a week? Every person who receives an email from your company sees your email signature, so you may as well make the most of that reach. Because the message is likely to be expected by the recipient, it’s likely to be opened and its contents digested. With this in mind, email signatures present some serious marketing potential.

So let’s explore the possibilities…

The Benefits of Email Signature Marketing

Email Signatures are Prominent and Practical

Your email signature should act in a similar way to your business card, displaying your most appropriate contact details in a way that’s efficient and consistently on-brand. However, much like physical business cards, there are many ways you can tweak your signature’s contents to encourage action rather than simply stating “hello, this is me”.

Email Signatures Are Seen At Scale, When Attention is High

Consider the sheer volume of emails you send every day and the variety of different people you send them to. This is the main argument for using email signature marketing. Also, because your emails are usually somewhat expected by the recipient, they’re less likely to end up in spam and more likely to be inspected closely.

Unfortunately (and rather surprisingly) statistics about professional email volumes are hard to come by. One statistic from 2015 states that the average office worker sends and receives 121 emails a day. Though this figure has bound to have increased in the intervening years, if we split those 121 emails down the middle in terms of sent and received, that’s still around 60 hypothetical outgoing emails; 60 opportunities to append a marketing message every single day; 60 opportunities to make a valuable impression.

Despite the rise in collaboration tools like Slack, the same thinktank who unearthed the above statistic found that email is still the most pervasive online communication channel for business in 2020. Email still rules the roost!

Email Signatures Can Be Flexible and Tailored

Nowadays, there’s no reason to stick with a single, static email signature that goes out to everyone. Email clients like Office 365’s Outlook and G Suite’s Gmail now allow you to save multiple signatures and append the most appropriate one on the fly.

You can set up different signatures for when you’re emailing different people, for example:

  • A basic signature for internal contacts that states your name, department, and phone extension.
  • A sales or offer-focused signature that goes out to warm leads and prospective buyers.
  • An upsell or cross-sell focused signature that goes out to existing customers, encouraging further conversions.
  • A professional, straightforward signature that goes to suppliers and miscellaneous contacts.

An Email Signature Tip from Our Director

”Most of us have received emails where all of the signature’s images are attached as separate image files. It looks messy and can get confusing if you’re sending actual attachments to each other as well. A lot of clients we speak to are concerned about this – some even avoid graphical email signatures for this reason!

Thankfully it’s a problem that’s easily solved by hosting those images on a web server. This way, the file doesn’t need to be passed around as an attachment in order to be properly seen.”

– Ollie Cox, Director, OLCO Design

What Marketing Messages Can You Include in Your Email Signature?

There are a number different, interesting avenues you can go down with email signature marketing. But as a general rule of thumb, if you can tie a succinct call to action to it, the sky’s the limit! Let’s explore a few email signature marketing ideas that you can start using straight away…

Current Promotions and Offers

Customer or prospect facing emails are a great place to highlight time-restricted offers. Whenever you have a current offer that would suit a given subset of your email recipients, consider crafting it into an email signature ready for when you email those individuals.

Your Glowing Reviews

Marketing materials are only ever made stronger with social proof. Email signatures are no exception. Whether you simply highlight your company’s 5-star rating on your review platform of choice, or directly quote a testimonial from a happy customer, it’s all evidence that you’re great at what you do. It’s an excellent idea for pre-sales personnel!

Awards, Qualifications, and Recognitions

If you or your company has won an award, achieved something noteworthy, or received recognition in your field, then good PR sense dictates that you shout it from the rooftops! Failing that, the bottom of your email is ideal.

Product Photographs

Many of us default to sharing our company logo and maybe a corporate headshot in our email signatures. But if your product or service is very visual, you may be better off sharing high-quality photography that illustrates your offering. Though product retailers and wholesalers may see benefit in this, it really comes into its own for destinations like venues, hotels, and museums.

A Reminder of Your Other Products or Services

Though you may be emailing in response to a particular product enquiry or after-care issue, you can use your email signature to showcase other elements of your company’s repertoire. While your company is at the forefront of the recipient’s mind, they may be more open to a cross-sell or up-sell. A simple reminder of your full range may leave them pleasantly surprised as to how much you can help.

Free Trials or Taster Sessions

If you send a lot of prospect-facing emails, what better way to turn warm leads into customers than to advertise a free trial with every email? The recipient may not have been aware of the offer otherwise, and after the taster, hopefully they’ll be hooked!

Links to Recent Informational Content

If you publish regular content like blogs, vidoes, or podcasts, then why not link to your latest piece of content in your signature? Your recipient is likely to be somewhat interested in your field, so providing them with more information can’t go amiss. This approach may even yield more visits than bulk emails promoting the same content.

Event Invitation

If you’re planning an event or are due to exhibit somewhere, advertising that fact in your signature may be a positive move. Your email contacts may be interested in attending the event and paying your stand a visit in the process. The customisable nature of email signatures means that you can single out those who will be in the right geographic area at the time and continue serving better suited messages to those located elsewhere.

Email List Subscriptions

Your email signature is a particularly useful place to encourage sign-ups to your email marketing lists. Your recipient is already receiving normal emails from yourselves, it’s not too huge of a leap to start receiving marketing emails from you too!

Option to Book a Meeting

Arranging a mutually appropriate time for discovery calls or to discuss ongoing projects can result in a lot of email to-ing and fro-ing. But thanks to the pervasiveness of digital calendars, services like Calendly and HubSpot let your contacts choose from suitable times where you’re already available.

Do you need a consistent email signature that puts your company’s best foot forward in people’s inboxes day-in, day-out? OLCO Design offer a quick and comprehensive email signature design service that keeps you looking professional and on-brand at all times. We can integrate these designs into most mainstream email clients including Office 365’s Outlook and G Suite’s Gmail. Book a free consultation with our friendly design team today!

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