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Make waves in your market with a unique brand
that’s far more than just design.

Branding is far more than a logo, it’s your organisation’s whole visual identity – the persona your company portrays to the world. Your logo, graphics, colour schemes, art direction, typefaces, and tone of voice all work in harmony to consistently reflect you as a business. Good branding paints a firm picture of who you are in each and every prospect’s mind.

Your brand follows you everywhere, so it’s absolutely critical to get it right from the beginning.

OLCO Design are a highly skilled design and branding agency who create striking new logos and brand identities; revive and modernise older brands; help you strategically refocus your visual identity; or simply design and print branded stationery or collateral.

Our team know how to create brands that stand the test of time. We proudly work with organisations of all kinds – from startups and micro-businesses, all the way up to large corporate organisations.

How We Help

OLCO Design provide an extensive suite of branding services and support, including:

Logo Design

The core of your brand’s whole persona and probably the most visible asset your business will ever own. We create original, recognisable logos and marks that foster instant memorability.

Brand Identity & Styling

Crafting your brand’s whole visual identity, from graphics, to colour palettes, to typefaces, and everything in between.

Brand Strategy & Development

Together, we’ll develop an actionable brand strategy that defines who you are, how you help, opportunities for exposure, and how your brand can support your strategic goals.

Rebranding & Brand Redefinition

Ready for a fresh start? OLCO Design can help you construct a totally new brand. We can also help overhaul older, more tired brands, making them fresh and relevant again.

Brand Guidelines

Consistency is essential in branding. Keep your whole organisation on the same page with a professionally produced, easy to follow brand guideline document.

Stationery & Packaging

Printed products that bring your brand to life! We specialise in all kinds of printed collateral including business cards, letterheads, stationery, product packaging, and vehicle livery.

Our Personal Approach

To be successful and meaningful, your brand needs to reflect your company completely from the inside out. Our in-house team will work with you to establish everything there is to know about your company’s unique personality and offering.

From there, we’ll craft a stylish brand identity that’s distinctively yours.

What’s the Most Important Part of Branding?

It’s not your logo, it’s not your colour scheme, it’s not even your name; the most important part of branding is consistency. We all want a recognisable brand, and the way to achieve this is to consistently implement your visual identity across your entire marketing landscape.

Read more in our blog post – Brand Consistency: The Most Important Part of Branding

Say “Hello” to your new creative team.

Ready for a fresh start with a new, impactful brand identity? Or just need a modern spin on an established brand?

Great design is one thing, but getting meaningful results is quite another. OLCO Design are dedicated to achieving tangible, measurable results for each client we work with. Our services are fully adaptable and scalable to companies of any size – from micro-businesses to multinationals, OLCO Design can tailor our approach to suit.

Get in touch with our team today for a totally free consultation session.

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